Wasps Withdrawal

Winchester Wasps have withdrawn from all SABA competitions.

Photo Licence Cards

To all club/team secretaries, coaches, referees and table officials: Please note that from 1st December, all persons participating in a SABA match must be licensed and show a valid SABA issued photo licence card.

Referees should check all photo cards prior to the game commencing, and players without one will be unable to play. The only exception to this is for newly licensed players for whom a dated letter of exemption is presented in lieu of the licence card.

Any questions or disputes about this should be addressed to Marcus or Cliff.

Register Online

England Basketball registrations are now open. All clubs, players, coaches, referees and table officials are reminded that you need to be registered with EB before you can participate in any SABA fixture. Without doing so, you are not insured.

Remember to register in every capacity that you fulfil: so for example, if you are a player, referee and coach register tick each of those boxes on the registration form. In this situation, if you only register as a player and coach you will not be able to referee any SABA fixture - and would be strongly advised not to referee in any capacity at all.

Register Now!